A soulless whisper beckons.
I burrow into darkness, burying
myself deep within you.

I’m no longer searching for
what was mine, what belongs
to me.  I seek shelter to suffocate
my nonexistence.  I am just an echo
of you desperate to quiet
the voices, extinguish the pain.

Obsidian eyes brim with
emotion.  They are volcanic
wells of despair.  Skin pulled
taut like white canvas, inked,
bleeding, scarred, and ruined.

I am a memory, an imprint
burned across the night of
your subconscious.  I close my
eyes as a specter of you
vibrates through my being.

I ache for you in dreams,
in wishes, in moments that
never were.  Tunnel through
the strata into my core, I fade
into the void as it siphons
the marrow out of me.  We are
phantasms carved out of time.

My heart reels inside its cage
as my gut wrenches below it.
Ghosts of me, of what could have
been, and what will be, linger
across the expanse of my mind.

I reach out for you, fingertips
touching glass.  I smother myself
within interstellar atoms of you
as we effervesce into oblivion.

I’m lost to desire, disintegrating
in a fantasy that will never be.