A Chronology of My Youth

“There was a star danced, and under that I was born.”

-William Shakespeare


As a baby, I climbed
out the window across the
rooftop to talk with the birds
as they chirped from the trees
letting butterflies dance about
with the changing autumn leaves.

When I was three years old,
I battled dragons in the forest
behind my house to keep them
from burning through the
vegetation that surrounded
and nourished my family.

At eight years of age, I swam
across the Caspian Sea and
let my breath bubble up in its
water alongside schools of
sturgeon after I chased ghosts
of extinct Caspian tigers.

At thirteen, I unleashed the
magic from my fingers
and lifted a collapsed skyscraper
to save the city folk trapped
beneath the concrete walls.

When I reached age fifteen,
I unearthed treasures buried
in the Reed Flute Cave past
the majestic limestone, hording the
wealth underneath my mattress.

Upon turning eighteen, I flew
into space and shifted the Earth’s
rotation around to redirect
it away from the sun saving all
life on this planet from peril.

At twenty-one, I leapt through
to another dimension, avoiding a
vortex, and found myself
suspended in another universe
preventing its collision with ours.

By the time I was twenty-four,
I ascended to another realm to rescue
the lost souls trapped in a world
of anarchy.  I released them into
the heavens, catapulting myself
to the highest plane in the cosmos.

And when I reached the ripeness
of thirty years, I settled down
with an Irishman in the Antarctic.
We lived in an igloo raising
penguins while ice fishing every day.


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